Arrangement and revitalization of the Historical Center of Craiova Municipality2020-10-05T12:28:31+00:00
Rehabilitation works and interior configuration of the Mercur Shopping Center2020-10-05T10:58:48+00:00
Arrangement of the pavilion building for the sections related to the “Philanthropy” Hospital2020-10-05T10:00:09+00:00
Arrangement and revitalization of the Craiova Multifunctional Center2020-10-05T09:49:40+00:00
Extension, consolidation, arrangement, restoration and modernization works at the headquarters of the Dolj Agency of the National Bank of Romania2020-10-05T09:41:41+00:00
Rehabilitation, modernization and extension of educational and accommodation spaces Faculty of Mechanics Craiova2020-10-05T11:20:39+00:00
Consolidation, restoration and modernization – Oltenia Museum Craiova2020-10-05T08:57:33+00:00
Arrangement of the basic exhibition on the second floor of the Natural Sciences Section – Oltenia Museum Craiova2020-10-05T08:42:18+00:00
Construction of administrative building / offices Gf + 42020-10-05T08:32:26+00:00
Project Wise – Construction of administrative building / Gf + 4 offices2020-10-05T07:55:18+00:00
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