Project Description

Project Wise – Construction of administrative building / Gf + 4 offices

Project Wise is a class A “green building” intended for offices and multifunctional spaces, with a height of 46 meters, being one of the tallest buildings in the city.

The building has a footprint of 321 square meters and an area of ​​4400 square meters and is “covered” by a semi-structural curtain wall with Senk-Klapp type openings, 3-sheet thermal insulation glass, fire-resistant closures between floors, horizontal aluminum and vertical screen-printed glass parasols.

The foundation is of the general eraser type, placed on a 1m thick ballast cushion and concrete piles arranged in a triangular network. General screed with reinforced concrete slab 45 cm thick and turned beams 85, 95 and 125 cm wide and 1.10 m high.

The resistance structure of the PROJECT WISE building is of dual type, being composed of longitudinal frames, transversal frames and structural walls, with columns and beams reinforced with rigid reinforcement (BAR), reinforced concrete diaphragms, ensuring the conditions of resistance and stability.

The roof is of the circulating terrace type with an area of ​​approximately 280 square meters. The thermal insulation jam package with a thickness of 48 mm and a heat transfer coefficient of 0.6 W / mpK has a special importance on the class A energy regime of the building.

Project details


12.01.2012 – 19.07.2013



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Execution and arrangement


RC Craiova A.S.

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