Arrangement of the pavilion building for the sections related to the “Philanthropy” Hospital

The construction is composed of four bodies and its skeleton was started in 1988, which were abandoned after the events of 1989. The works began in March 2016 and included the rehabilitation and arrangement of a total area of ​​approximately 6,950 square meters within a period of 14 months.

Through the design theme, the following were achieved: consolidation of the construction in accordance with the technical expertise; flooring of body A from Ug + Gf + 1 to Ug + Gf + 2; flooring of the connecting corridor between body A and B from Ug + Gf + 1 to Ug + Gf + 2; completing the floor of body D; construction of elevator houses for patients, food and other necessities; overconcreting the terrace floors from the connecting corridors between bodies A, B and B and C; construction of access stairwells with GF + 2 height regime; restoration of the floors of; making an access canopy for ambulances on the south side of body A; construction of the basement access ramp and body access canopy D.

The building was finished and equipped in accordance with the latest standards specific to the hospital environment. Outside, the building was fenced, with two gold gates and a pedestrian gate with automatic closing, parking lots with an area of ​​173.40 sqm and roadways with an area of ​​247 sqm.

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15.06.2011 – 04.10.2013



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