Project Description

Consolidation, restoration and modernization – Oltenia Museum Craiova

Oltenia Museum Craiova is a historical monument building, built in the early years of the twentieth century on an area of ​​3329 square meters. The style of the building can be framed in the neo-Romanian current of the early twentieth century with Oltenian influences in the decorative repertoire. The inner courtyard acquired exhibition values ​​by covering it with a metallic structure, with partial polycarbonate coverings.

The spaces in the basement were arranged as galleries for the medieval period, respecting their architecture. The vertical traffic was made by two new stairs on the west wing and the east wing, and by an elevator on the east side connecting the ground floor and first floor.
From an architectural point of view, the parietal decorations of the stuccos were remade after the molds taken, the walls, ceilings and decorations were painted in the shades obtained following the stratigraphic research.

A special importance was given to the restoration of the steps made of Geoagiu stone, the wrought iron railings and the current wooden hand of the “ladder of honor”. In the central hall, the mosaic floors with decorative motifs were restored and the doors with wooden frames and sheets were restored. The exterior carpentry made of laminated wood with double glazing, made in our own workshop, contributes to the preservation of the building’s architecture.

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05.07.2011 – 04.05.2012



Project type

Restoration, consolidation and modernization



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