Project Description

Arrangement and revitalization of the Craiova Multifunctional Center

The Craiova Multifunctional Center building has a circular shape with a diameter of 80 meters and a height regime Ug + Gf + 2F, reaching a height of 27 meters.

The pavilion has a built-up area of ​​4760 sqm and a usable area of ​​12,600 sqm, offers office spaces with areas between 50 and 95sqm; indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces; 4 conference rooms with an area of ​​105sqm and a capacity of 125 people each; press center, with an area of ​​59 square meters; contact exchange, two rooms with an area of ​​33sqm each; foyers for free discussions equipped with tables and armchairs with a total capacity of 80 seats. Outside, 2860 sqm of exhibition spaces have been arranged; 330 parking spaces; 11,000sqm of green spaces, road and pedestrian alleys.

Project details


15.06.2011 – 04.10.2013



Project type

Execution and arrangement



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