Project Description

Construction of the Polyvalent Hall with 6,000 seats

The Arena of the Multipurpose Hall has an area of ​​10,000 square meters, with a capacity of the hall of over 4,215 seats, of which 109 VIP seats, in case of sports competitions, with the possibility of extension, in case of conferences or cultural activities, up to 6000 places.

The hall has six locker rooms for teams, two coach locker rooms and three referee locker rooms, with its own showers and toilets, two recovery areas (sauna and jacuzzi) with direct access from the locker room, medical and anti-doping office, a gym and a heating room with three tracks having a length of 60 meters.

Also, the hall has a center and a special tribune for the press. The playing surface has a maximum size of 35 x 45 m and is suitable for multiple sports.

Project Details


02.11.2007 – 07.11.2012



Project type

Redevelopment and modernization



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